Facts and Tips When Shopping for a Snorkel Mask


When shopping for a snorkel mask, it is important to ensure the proper fitting. The skirt is the rubber-like part of the snorkel mask that comes in contact with the face, and its purpose is to create a watertight seal against your skin. Problems with fitting may cause potential problems such as fogging, leaking, and too much fatigue. Treading water entering inside the snorkel mask takes a lot of energy and lifting the mask away from your face just to empty the water inside causes fog formation. Not all people have the same size and shape of the face, so there is no specific snorkel mask that is perfect for everyone.

How do you exactly test the proper fitting of your mask? Hold your breath, without inhaling or exhaling, and gently place the mask up against your face, pressing it slightly. Let go of the mask with both hands. Remember that a well-fitting mask sticks properly to your face without you holding it in place. A well-fitting mask is comfortable. Put the mask’s strap tight enough to keep it from shifting on your face whenever you turn your head. It is best to wet your hair so you can slick it back to avoid hair to enter inside your mask that can affect its proper sealing. Visit https://www.britannica.com/topic/underwater-diving and learn more about diving.

When shopping for a snorkel mask from ninjashark.com.au, it is important to consider a wide skirt, materials, peripheral visibility, lens, vision-enhancing coatings, and low volume. A good seal is made if there are more edges that come in contact with the skin. It is best to buy one that has silicone skirt because rubber is not durable enough, resulting to brittle materials and cracking in the long run. Choose a wider snorkel mask for better viewing by checking on peripheral vision. Vision enhancing snorkeling lenses are made for better clarity underwater with the use of special tinting that makes underwater images crisp and clear, cutting down glare and filtering. Low volume masks are specifically designed to reduce air volume with the lens closer to your face, in order to keep more air inside your lungs.

In order to prevent your mask from fogging, ensure that your mask is well-fitted n your face. Avoid removing your mask every now and then while you are snorkeling. You can also  use a mask defog ( a substance that can be applied inside the mask’s lens to prevent fogging and condensation). For more information about the best snorkeling mask in the market today, feel free to check our homepage or website now! Grab your snorkel mask from ninjashark.com.au today so you can enjoy the best snorkeling experience!


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